An innocence smile, a sweet tone of harmony, We at Jo’s100 & BAE Foundation are dedicated to giving the children around the world a healthy start in life. Giving them an opportunity to learn in Arts, Music and Film. We want to create lasting changes for the world’s vulnerable children in Africa by establishing hope and supports to enable them discover their hidden potentials in music, film and fine arts.

On Top of the Opportunities, we are an organization driven with the passion to inculcate basic survival skills in our children, providing them with food, clean water, clothes, shoes and basic school supplies. The necessities of life is very important to a child’s development process and we at Jo’s100 & BAE Foundation are passionate to be involved in building a greater foundation for these children to reach their own personal dreams.

As you might have heard, The children in Africa have multiple orphanage houses that holds very talented kids, aged 6 to 15. Many of them have participated in limited opportunities in Arts, Acting, and Music. These children express a deep interest in the arts, Music and Film, and our administration has decided to initiate simple educational program aimed at teaching art, music and film to children and helping them develop their artistic skills.

 However, the lack of money is a significant issue for the orphanages. Many children in African Orphanages dream of a life-long career in Arts, Music and Film, and you can help them get closer to their dreams by donating money, time and your skills. We are open to partnership in this noble call for hope and you will never regret saving the future of this continent. 

Giving and sharing is priceless to children with huge dreams. This is why my team will work hard to give these children hope.
I would like to welcome you to Our Foundation, Touching Lives across the world and sharing Love from Texas to Africa. 

Thank you, JO’s100 & BAE Foundation.


July 23rd, 2019

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